Flat Tummy Simple – Standing Broad Jump

Standing Broad Jump

Continuing of Flat Tummy Simple series, this is one exercise named Standing Broad Jump. This exercise is effectively worked your abs, gluteus, quads, and hamstrings muscle. Get in great looking butt, thigh, and abs with doing Standing Broad Jump exercise routine. It is very simple exercises you can do when you are imagine their name. But for streamlined practice, carefully follow these instructions below:

How to Do

flat abs - standing broad jump

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, abs engaged.
  • Lift arms out to shoulder height in front of you and squat, keeping knees behind toes.
  • Use power through gluteus and core to jump forward, landing with bent knees.
  • Stand up. Do 10 reps.

Practice with right move and feel all the targeted muscles engaged. Next, go to other simple exercise still in this Flat Tummy Simple Series, Single-Leg Squat Touchdown.

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