Flat Tummy Simple – Single Leg Squat

Single Leg Squat

Who does not likes simple, everything that simple is better ways. Sets of workout I show in this section are good, streamlined, and pretty easy to do over all fitness level women. Sets consist of 9 simple moves you can practice at home yourself. The name of first exercise is Single-Leg Squat, with abs, gluteus, quads, and hamstring as targeted areas. Boost your butt, improve balance, and prevent injury with these easy core-strengthening moves.

How to Do:

flat abs - single leg squat

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, abs engaged, hands on hips.
  • Lift right foot a few inches off floor. Squat on left leg, keeping knee behind toes.
  • Stand back up. Do 12 reps, keeping right foot lifted the entire time.
  • Switch feet and repeat.

Practice following the instructions above to make mean your effort. Subsequently, move to second exercise from this Flat Tummy Simple series. Stay tuned on this blog for next exercise Single Leg Balance.

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