Flat Tummy Simple – Single Leg Squat Touchdown

Single Leg Squat Touchdown

Single Leg Squat Touchdown is advanced exercise from previously Standing Broad Jump. This is targeted abs, gluteus, quads, and hamstrings muscle. Single Leg Squat Touchdown also belong to stability exercise, because you will do exercise with alternating one leg. Follow instructions below for more detail:

How to do

flat abs - single leg squat

  •  Stand with feet straight and hip-width apart.
  •  Lift chest, tuck chin and place right hands on hips.
  •  Squeeze butt muscles, balance on one leg and lift left leg directly beside it.
  •  Squat, bending hip and knee; reach left hand toward balance foot (right foot), hold two seconds.
  •  Return to start position. Do 10 reps.
  •  Switch to left foot as balance, repeat 10 reps.

Follow the instructions above carefully, try to doing this exercise correctly before go toward next workout. Stay tuned for this series.

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